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A new brand identity for GetFeedback, Momentive’s (Previously SurveyMonkey) CX platform, plus 5 critical challenges that guide us today.

GetFeedback — Layers brand identity


GetFeedback helps businesses build better customer experiences. An agile customer experience (CX) platform, GetFeedback uses targeted feedback and customer data to improve customer interactions and take action when it matters most.

While the CX landscape is ever-changing, CX platforms tend to lack relatability or evolve at the same pace.

In 2019 Zander Lurie, CEO and Tom Hale, President of Momentive created a vision for a new CX platform that would help businesses excel in a world of change. Shortly after, Momentive acquired both GetFeedback and Usabilla, two Customer Experience startups with a wide range of B2B and enterprise customers.

Zander and Tom tasked Karen Budell, VP of Brand, and Dakotomy’s founder, Dexter Dake, to help create a new brand strategy and identity for the merging platforms and website.


GetFeedback needed to elevate its perception to compete with enterprise players like Qualtrics and Medalia. Also important to us was SurveyMonkey (GetFeedback’s platform offered by SurveyMonkey), which helped customers navigate the many touch points along the customer journey. We had many discussions of how to be more relatable and customer-centric. Armed with a massive insights team, we leveraged SurveyMonkey’s product to understand what customers might think about our messaging and identity, gaining valuable insights.

During the rebrand, our team encountered five critical challenges with the branding process and industry at large. Addressing these hurdles shaped our approach to this project, inspired Dakotomy’s founding, and continues to contribute to our core philosophies.

1. The branding process is not standardized in our industry.

2. What is “brand?” (We discovered that there was no clear answer or singular truth, and many standard branding terms were loosely defined.)

3. Company leaders have a difficult time proving the ROI of brand.

4. Companies lack the proper brand foundation before scaling, causing communication challenges within each department.

5. Lastly, there needs to be a bridge between company leaders and creatives—insert Dakotomy.

Though navigating these disparities in the branding space proved challenging, our experience ultimately led us to find our mission: standardizing the branding process through content and education, one client at a time.


Collecting and interpreting data through software makes understanding the full story of human experience easier. As GetFeedback strived to make sense of complex human data, it worked inside the layers of human experience to do so. Crucial insights become easier to spot, making for faster, smarter decisions.

When we began to understand customer experience as multidimensional, we kept coming back to this simple, fluid concept to help guide the brand: layers. We wanted to capture the dynamic components stacking atop one another, illustrating the complexity of data, but still maintain the agility of the platform in our messaging.

The parent company, SurveyMonkey – now Momentive – has a memorable, effective brand identity. This knowledge, paired with uncovered insights in the color space, encouraged our decision to use green as the new brand color. The branding team worked diligently to find a shade that evoked a sense of growth, security, and confidence, and felt more mature than the SMB offerings of Momentive.

To begin, our team drafted over 300+ logos for consideration. Our final design was simple, included an arrow, and hinted to the letter “G.” We saw the arrow as an electric element that pierced through the many layers of the brand, a cohesive representation of the energy, movement, and penetrating clarity.

For the new logo, the design team carefully kerned Montserrat Medium, the same typeface chosen for Momentive. We adjusted the letter G for a closer connection to the parent brand and polished some letter forms. The result was a font that was easy to read left to right and felt natural underneath Momentive.

To imply a more human centered brand, we chose a slab font named Zilla Slab and paired it with Halyard Display for legibility and – you guessed it – closer connection to the parent company.

The finished result was a fresh, future-forward brand that still felt genuine, approachable, and true to its roots. The GetFeedback team was excited to have an evolved identity that paired effortlessly with their parent brand. As for us, the team responsible for this project is still wholly intact, creating and developing away at Dakotomy. This project inspired Dakotomy’s founding, and influenced our continued mission to standardize the branding process and educate our clients along the way.


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