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All you need is less

A new brand identity, website, and packaging for skin wash determined to disrupt the skincare industry.


Gntl is the counter-movement to unnecessary products, waste, and consumption. It’s introducing a new category in beauty- skincare for everywhere.

This one’s personal. In 2019, our founder’s wife, Sydney Dake, a tenured beauty brand strategist, noticed a gap between the functionality of skincare and its promise to consumers.

While the industry boasts the benefits of face and body products, the truth is less than 1% of those ingredients make it into the final formula, and most brands only include active ingredients at “marketing levels,” delivering few incremental benefits to the skin.

Noticing the gap in customer benefits and significant waste caused by the volume of available products, Sydney sought to make a change. She reimagined what was possible with face and body wash: What if there was a gentle, all-over skin wash that featured the same high-quality ingredients for face and body? And so, Gntl was born.

Gntl offers only one wash, with one scent; for every person and every body, everywhere. With refillable pouches, 100% recyclable packaging, and a single product, Gntl was built with sustainability in mind, challenging the industry norm of numerous, single-purpose, products. Gntl’s skin wash is multi-use, perfect for everything from hands and body to makeup removal, and its effective-yet-gentle base formula is pregnancy and baby-safe. You won’t find irritating or harsh chemicals, nor “fairy dust” amounts of key ingredients.


Sydney founded Gntl with the goal of creating an effective, utilitarian product for customers. Our priority was to make the brand feel meaningful, visually expressing its deeper reasons for existence.

Once you know the truth, it’s difficult to ignore. We believed Gntl’s brand should have uncompromising moral ethics and values for not just the consumer's buy-in, but to help drive every employee's decision-making. The way it should be.

How do you marry these concepts and put them in a 16 ounce package? The Dakotomy team decided to create a strategy, brand identity, website, and packaging that would capture consumers’ aesthetic interest and inspire them to support sustainability through their skincare.


Gntl’s brand leads with its uncompromising ethics and values, not just for the consumer’s buy-in, but because that’s the way it should be. With that mindset, the Dakotomy team built the brand strategy around the idea of finding beauty in truth. We crafted purpose, mission, vision, values, tone & voice, communication pillars and more to express Gntl’s character.

In creating Gntl’s logo and mark, Dexter Dake, our founder, took a hands-on approach. The symbol was inspired by how skin wash looked when poured into the palm of a hand. Liquid always has a little bit of magic, and he felt it important to capture this sensation of something familiar yet whimsical.

As a challenger brand going against industry titans, Gntl’s symbol needed to look both powerful and young, a perfect balance between strength and optimism, masculine and feminine. The arches were carefully constructed to embody the fluidity between these principles.

We used carefully selected colors to help tell Gntl’s story. The earthy color palette, white, black, and tan, dappled with green hues, reminds people of the brand’s mission toward a cleaner, more sustainable planet; of simplicity; of doing more with less.

Color contrast-based artwork never fails to draw attention in a sea of sameness. Gntl’s new forest green shade is a strong, deep color, reflective of the brand’s commitment to the earth. This color was paired with a light, airy green; an ode to Gntl’s signature “sweet green” scent, and a nod to cleanliness and sustainability. We also strove to express the brand’s inclusivity for all genders by balancing the palette’s use of traditionally masculine and feminine shades.

Since the logo typeface was created by hand, the team knew it’d be some time before we found the right typeface. What we didn’t know is we would find two perfect pairings: Neue Montreal and Editorial New. We felt that these font choices continued Gntl’s pattern of balance: feminine and masculine, strength and gentleness, utility and delight.

Our team continued the pattern of contrast and balance, through two typefaces: Neue Montreal and Editorial New. We simplified the type system to one weight for each font, decluttering the page and offering a minimalist approach, just like the brand. For stronger communication and emphasis, the brand can leverage the italic Editorial New. This use is often how we feature the tagline.

While parsing through the skin wash’s ingredients, we understood there was a deep care for the planet that directly informed every decision made for the brand. Many beauty and skincare brands leverage colorful illustrations or images of nature, but we felt that Gntl deserved something even more sentimental.

After many iterations, we landed on the use of pressed flowers. Pressed flowers are delicate, beautiful, carefully preserved pieces of the earth. As thoughtful caretakers of the planet, seeking to provide beauty in truth to its customers, Gntl is perfectly represented by pressed flowers. Gntl is vigilant in its mission for environmental conservation and tender in its fondness for the earth that provides its product’s ingredients and color palette.

While Gntl cares about connecting with its customers, its first connection will always be with the planet. As such, the brand’s main focus, no matter the platform, will always be to express itself authentically and put its mission of sustainability at the forefront. That’s why we continue to center their philosophy on messaging: all you need is less.

Gntl isn’t just selling a product. It’s starting a revolution.


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