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People. Power. Parts.

A new brand identity, website, and product for the platform disrupting the supply chain industry.


Partsimony is a fully transparent, centralized platform that makes it easy for manufacturers and innovators to connect and build big things together.

We discovered Partsimony through a collaboration with HOO KOO E KOO & Small Stuff. We were immediately enthralled by the founders, Rich and Roland Mokuolu. Although their vision was clear, changing the way an industry has worked for generations is challenging.

The supply chain industry is notoriously slow and inefficient. Perhaps the biggest challenge is the industry’s reliance on human capital; people who know the ins and outs of manufacturing without a central knowledge base for newcomers to learn from.

Innovators and manufacturers need speed and reliability today, more than ever. With condensed timelines and ongoing global instability, the near-impossible complexity begged for the elegant solution of machine learning. Enter Rich and Roland Mokuolu.

Rich and Roland encountered the same issue their audience was facing firsthand during the COVID-19 pandemic when New York City was running out of ventilators.

The supply chain experienced unprecedented delays and complications that made estimating costs and timelines nearly impossible. The brothers heroically sprung into action after being selected to work with leaders in New York City as part of a COVID-19 Task Force to address medical supply shortages and lead the manufacturing supply chain for FDA EUA-approved ventilators.

Following this eye-opening experience, they were compelled to organize their product to increase the efficiency and speed of manufacturers. This decision naturally led to a discussion on how we could overhaul the product, brand, and website.


Inspired by the existing messaging work established by the founders, we were asked to create a new identity and express it through the website, product design, and development.

Partsimony’s core audience is skeptical of new technologies. In this space, experience matters. So, the idea that AI could replace both the experience and calculus needed to select the right manufacturer felt far-fetched. We knew the new brand identity needed to capture Partsimony for what it is: an intelligent, trustworthy platform.

Secondly, we wanted the innovators and manufacturers to understand that this wasn’t replacing their position but rather enhancing their ability to make the right call.


Joe Marianek from smallstuff.us, wanted the identity to show its complexity, but in an organized fashion to not sugarcoat the difficulties. This philosophy is represented in all of the brand elements.

The logo's custom typography combines letterforms in parts, forming Partsimony, which works as a shorthand to telegraph the product.

The symbol is a mesh torus and represents the meaning behind the name Partsimony, which references the scientific principle of Parsimony, also known as Occam’s Razor.

Partsimony’s photo style celebrates the complexity of the engineered and built environment by featuring the work of manufacturers and innovators in an artful and aspirational way. It features maximal photography of machines and parts coming together. Again, complex but organized.

Alternatively, the brand can use portraits of parts celebrating their form or manufactured spaces involving complex systems.

Armed with a new identity, Partsimony continues to conquer the chaos of the supply chain industry and simplify complexity.

Featured photographers here include:

Damian Ortega (top left)

Kenji Aoki (lower left)

Todd McLellan (middle right)

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